The DCO Environmental & Recycling is all about Sustainability and Transparency. Sustainability goals are paramount to every Manufacturer, Retailer and Brand Owner. The transparency of the process from collection to reformulation to the final end use products, is what differentiates us from other recycling companies.

The evolution of recycling has brought together product design, manufacturing, and retailing to help connect consumers to new and innovative products. At DCO we are vertically integrated to work with our customers to develop recyclable as well as closed loop solutions that offer a positive environmental impact.



We don’t focus on the problem. We focus on a solution. By recycling and repurposing materials, we create products that take on a new life. We believe everything deserves a second chance, even plastics.

Scroll over the pictures below to learn more and see examples of how we provide sustainable solutions:

  • This flower pot was made with recycled gloves

  • This hanger was made with landfill diverted flyash

  • This tote was made with recycled garments

  • This trash can was made with recycled bottle caps