Who We Are

DCO is a minority owned, solutions provider in the plastics marketplace. Throughout the years, we have organically aligned ourselves with the changing needs of our suppliers and customers to provide economical and sustainable options for scrap management, recycled/reformulated resins and prime alternatives. Together with our clients, we develop sustainable programs which yield lower costs, landfill diversion, and revenue generating benefits through branded opportunities.
about us

Differentiator:   iRecycle iReuse

Today’s purchasers, especially Millennials, want sustainable solutions as well as transparency. They want their decisions to make an impact. At DCO, we created a program called iRecycle, iReuse, focusing on providing a distinct brand of reformulated resins, DCO, that connects the dots of transparency of origin and reuse. The DCO marketing program:
  • Extends brands into new market segments & distribution channels
  • Increases social & environmental consciousness
  • Addresses the rising annual demand for recycled products as well as the transparency of the recycling/manufacturing process
  • Meets the demands of the millennial purchasing power proving fundamental to marketing efforts